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This is what we want you to feel every time when you look at your pictures!
The authenticity of the feelings and everything that happened with your beloved people, are faded in our pictures and narrate your love story.
Photography has something magical! Operates as a channel between the past and the present in a way that helps you relive those lovely moments!
Eveny single picture has a story to tell and every story has something unique which is only yours. 

The Americans

Created: Monday, 17 July 2017 14:10

Beach Wedding Session

Brandon and Sandra mailed us and expressed their interest for our work and their intension to get married in Greece. We met for first time via skype and talked about the details of their wedding.

We didnt imagine ,even though they were very kind through our conversation, how much  spontaneous they are and not only them but their families and friends. It was a very emotional wedding! Everyone was very enthousiastic and even the rain at the reception couldnt stop them dancing and having fun. We wish them to have a wonderful life together and be so in love as they were the day we met them. 



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